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      Cadmium retention and distribution in contaminated soil: effects and interactions of soil properties, contamination level, aging time and in situ immobilization agents [1]
      Calcium based sorbent calcination and sintering reaction models overview [1]
      Calculation of specific absorbed fraction in the specific human organs due to Xe-133 radioisotope application [1]
      Calculations of oxygen and humidity influence on properties of pernigraniline base polyaniline oligomers [1]
      Capillary-porous heat exchangers for cooling of melting units [1]
      Carbon Quantum Dots Modified Polyurethane Nanocomposite as Effective Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Agents [1]
      Case study of the indoor radon seasonal variability in the family house in Serbia [1]
      Catalytic preparation and characterization of C60Br24 [1]
      CDKN2B gene expression is affected by 9p21.3 rs10757278 in CAD patients, six months after the MI [1]
      Cesium-137 in biotic and abiotic samples from the territory on Novi Pazar [1]
      Cezijum-137 u biotskim i abiotskim uzorcima sa teritorije Novog Pazara [1]
      Chaotic dynamics and supercontinuum generation with cosh-Gaussian pulses in photonic-crystal fibers [1]
      Characterization analysis of Poplar fluff pyrolysis products. Multi-component kinetic study [1]
      Characterization analysis of raw and pyrolyzed plane tree seed (Platanus orientalis L.) samples for its application in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology [1]
      Characterization and electrochemical properties of organomodified and corresponding derived carbonized clay [1]
      Characterization of a coating 316L applied by plasma transferred arc [1]
      Characterization of glycidyl methacrylate based magnetic nanocomposites [1]
      Characterization of LiFePO4 samples obtained by pulse combustion under various conditions of synthesis [1]
      Characterization of red mud/metakaolin-based geopolymers as modified by Ca(OH)2 [1]
      Characterization of surface roughness of new nanophotonic soft contact lenses using lacunarity and AFM method [1]