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      Factor analysis of the beryllium-7 and lead-210 specific activities in surface air, and meteorological parameters [1]
      Factors affecting indoor radon variations: A case study in schools of eastern macedonia [1]
      Factors effecting the induction of rat forestomach hyperplasia induced by Swedish oral smokeless tobacco (snus) [1]
      Faktorska analiza specifičnih aktivnosti berilijuma-7 i olova-210 u prizemnom sloju vazduha, i meteoroloških parametara [1]
      FCC Physics Opportunities: Future Circular Collider Conceptual Design Report Volume 1 [1]
      FCC-ee: The Lepton Collider: Future Circular Collider Conceptual Design Report Volume 2 [1]
      Fe0.36(4)Pd 0.64(4)Se 2 : Magnetic Spin-Glass Polymorph of FeSe2 and PdSe2 Stable at Ambient Pressure [1]
      Feasibility of setting up generic alert levels for maximum skin dose in fluoroscopically guided procedures [1]
      Femtosecond laser-assisted surface modification of tungsten with 1015 W/cm2 intensity in air and vacuum ambience [1]
      Ferrocene-containing tetrahydropyrazolopyrazolones: Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity [1]
      Ferromagnetism evidence and size dependence in ferroelectric PZN-4.5PT nanoparticles [1]
      First electrochemical investigation of organophosphorus pesticide azametiphos and its quantification using electroanalytical approach [1]
      First electrochemistry of herbicide pethoxamid and its quantification using electroanalytical approach from mixed commercial product [1]
      Flexible and high-efficiency Sb2S3/solid carrier solar cell at low light intensity [1]
      Floating Photocatalyst Based on Poly(ε-caprolactone) Foam and TiO2 Nanoparticles for Removal of Textile Dyes [1]
      Formation of needle-like and honeycomb-like magnesium oxide/hydroxide structures by electrodeposition from magnesium nitrate melts [1]
      Formation of the honeycomb-like MgO/Mg(OH)2 structures with controlled shape and size of holes by molten salt electrolysis [1]
      freeCappuccino - An Open Source Software Library for Computational Continuum Mechanics [1]
      Fruit Wines Inhibitory Activity Against α-Glucosidase [1]
      Full-scale CFD investigation of gas-particle flow, interactions and combustion in tangentially fired pulverized coal furnace [1]