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dc.creatorTrtica, Milan
dc.creatorSavović, Jelena
dc.creatorStoiljković, Milovan
dc.creatorKuzmanović, Miroslav M.
dc.creatorMomčilović, Miloš
dc.creatorCiganović, Jovan
dc.creatorŽivković, Sanja
dc.identifier.issn0277-786X (print)
dc.description.abstractA short overview of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) with emphasis on the new trends is presented. Nowadays, due to unique features of this technique, LIBS has found applications in a great variety of fields. Achievements in the application of LIBS in nuclear area, for hazardous materials detection and in geology were considered. Also, some results recently obtained at VINCA Institute, with LIBS system based on transversely excited atmospheric (TEA) CO2 laser, are presented. Future investigations of LIBS will be oriented toward further improvement of the analytical performance of this technique, as well as on finding new application fields.en
dc.subjectLaser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)en
dc.subjectLIBS applicationsen
dc.subjectnuclear areaen
dc.subjectdetection of hazardous materialsen
dc.subjecttransversely excited atmospheric carbon dioxide (TEA CO2) laseren
dc.titleLaser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): Specific Applicationsen
dcterms.abstractСавовић Јелена; Тртица Милан; Стоиљковић Милован; Цигановић Јован; Живковић Сања; Момчиловић Милош; Кузмановиц, М.;
dc.citation.otherArticle Number: 981010
dc.description.otherProceedings of SPIE, International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers XII (AMPL), Sep 13-18, 2015, Tomsk, Russiaen

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