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dc.creatorIvanovic, V
dc.creatorTodorovic-Rakovic, N
dc.creatorDemajo, M
dc.creatorNeskovic-Konstantinovic, Z
dc.creatorNikolic-Vukosavljevic, D
dc.creatorIvanisevic-Milovanovic, O
dc.creatorMitrovic, L
dc.identifier.issn0354-3447 (print)
dc.description.abstractThere has been much controversy concerning the detection of plasma TGF-beta (1) levels in breast cancer patients. The present study provides preliminary evidence on underestimated plasma TGF-beta (1) levels due to ex vivo proteolysis and previous therapeutic treatment of breast cancer patients, as detected by a commercial ELISA immunoassay. Our results revealed that the addition of protease inhibitors: phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride and aprotinin, to the plasma preparation of healthy volunteers, has increased TGF-beta (1) median Value from 3.1 ng/mL to 33.9 ng/mL. Relative to that, in protease-inhibited plasma of locally advanced/metastatic breast cancer patients, significantly elevated TGF-beta (1) was observed (median value: 65.5 ng/mL), which included untreated and previously treated patients with median values of: 74.2 ng/mL and 58.1 ng/mL, respectively. These findings indicate to the potential usefulness of this plasma marker in breast cancer prognosis, thus deserving future clinical attention.en
dc.sourceJugoslovenska Medicinska Biohemijaen
dc.subjectplasma biomarkersen
dc.subjectprotease inhibitorsen
dc.subjectbreast canceren
dc.titleDetection of transforming growth factor-beta 1 in human plasma - A pilot study on breast cancer patientsen
dcterms.abstractИвановиц, В; Тодоровиц-Раковиц, Н; Демајо, М; Иванисевиц-Миловановиц, О; Митровиц, Л; Несковиц-Константиновиц, З; Николиц-Вукосављевиц, Д;

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