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dc.creatorAlavantić, Dragan
dc.creatorGlišić, Sanja (I)
dc.creatorRadovanovic, N
dc.creatorRomic, M
dc.creatorMedic, P
dc.creatorTomovic, O
dc.identifier.issn0955-3886 (print)
dc.description.abstractPatients receiving any kind of human blood preparations are in permanent danger of any infection including hepatitis C (HCV) infection. Testing for the presence of HCV in blood preparations is one of the steps towards safe medical treatment, One of the approaches for this testing is a detection of HCV nucleic acid. In this paper we describe a simple method for isolation of HCV RNA from blood preparations and control of HCV RNA presence in 19 intravenous and intramuscular products, manufactured in the National Blood Transfusion Institute in Belgrade. RT-PCR was performed according the rules saving RNA. Primers were located in 5 conserved region. Seven out of 19 batches of gamma-globulin, albumin, anti-tetanus and anti-rabies immunoglobulin preparations were found to be HCV RNA positive. For the time being, the PCR method is too expensive for routine HCV RNA testing of hundreds of;blood donors per day. Serological screening test of blood donors and nested PCR testing for HCV RNA. in blood preparations could be an efficient combination of tests in prevention of posttransfusion hepatitis C. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.en
dc.sourceTransfusion Scienceen
dc.titleHepatitis C virus RNA testing by nested PCR in blood preparations in Yugoslaviaen
dcterms.abstractРадовановиц, Н; Ромиц, М; Медиц, П; Томовиц, О; Aлавантић Драган; Глишић Сања;

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