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dc.creatorWarner, RE
dc.creatorThirumurthy, H
dc.creatorWoodroffe, J
dc.creatorBecchetti, FD
dc.creatorBrown, JA
dc.creatorDavids, BS
dc.creatorGalonsky, A
dc.creatorKolata, JJ
dc.creatorKruse, JJ
dc.creatorLee, MY
dc.creatorNadasen, A
dc.creatorO'Donnell, TW
dc.creatorRoberts, DA
dc.creatorRonningen, RM
dc.creatorSamanta, C
dc.creatorSchwandt, P
dc.creatorvon Schwarzenberg, J
dc.creatorSteiner, M
dc.creatorSubotić, Krunoslav M.
dc.creatorWang, Jiansong
dc.creatorZimmerman, JA
dc.identifier.issn0375-9474 (print)
dc.identifier.issn1873-1554 (electronic)
dc.description.abstractTotal reaction cross sections, sigma(R), on Si were measured near 40 A MeV for the proton-halo candidate N-12 and the two-proton-halo candidate Ne-17, and were compared with sigma(R) for other light proton-rich nuclei. The A-dependence shows enhanced sigma(R)s for N-12 and Ne-17, relative to their neighbors, but the effect is smaller than for B-8 which has been argued to have a proton halo. In general, nuclei with loosely bound last protons (S-p less than or equal to 1.5 MeV) have significantly larger sigma(R)S than their neighbors. Cross sections for charge-removal from N-12 and Ne-17 also were obtained. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science B.V.en
dc.sourceNuclear Physics Aen
dc.subjecttotal reaction cross sectionsen
dc.subjectcharge-removal cross sectionsen
dc.subjectradioactive nuclear beamsen
dc.subjectGlauber modelen
dc.subjectproton-halo nucleien
dc.titleReaction cross sections in Si of light proton-halo candidates N-12 and Ne-17en
dcterms.abstractWарнер, РЕ; Тхирумуртхy, Х; Wоодроффе, Ј; Беццхетти, ФД; Давидс, БС; Галонскy, A; Колата, ЈЈ; Крусе, ЈЈ; Лее, МY; Надасен, A; О'Доннелл, ТW; Робертс, ДA; Роннинген, РМ; Саманта, Ц; Сцхwандт, П; вон Сцхwарзенберг, Ј; Стеинер, М; Wанг, Ј; Зиммерман, ЈA; Броwн, ЈA; Суботић Крунослав М;

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