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dc.creatorBabovic, VM
dc.creatorAnicin, BA
dc.creatorDavidovic, DM
dc.identifier.issn0932-0784 (print)
dc.description.abstractThis paper suggests the use of a simple square root approximation to the dispersion relation of axially-symmetric electron surface waves on cylindrical plasmas. The point is not merely to substitute the exact expression for the dispersion relation which involves a number of Bessel functions with a more tractable analytical approximant, but to cast the dispersion relation in a form useful in the comparison with other waves, such as water surface gravity waves and the associated tide-rip effect. The square root form of the dispersion relation is also of help in the analysis of surfactron plasmas, as it directly predicts a linear roll-off of electron density in the discharge.en
dc.sourceZeitschrift fur Naturforschung. Section A: Journal of Physical Sciencesen
dc.titleThe square root approximation to the dispersion relation of the axially-symmetric electron wave on a cylindrical plasmaen
dcterms.abstractAницин, БA; Давидовиц, ДМ; Бабовиц, ВМ;

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