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dc.creatorStoiljković, Milovan
dc.creatorHolclajtner-Antunović, Ivanka D.
dc.identifier.issn0863-1042 (print)
dc.description.abstractA systematic investigation of spectral and voltage-current (U-I) characteristics of a DC are plasma was performed. The vertical, argon and wall stabilized DC are plasma was seeded by an easily ionizable element (EIE), potassium, in a wide range of concentrations. It was found that different are currents and potassium contents in the plasma have considerable influence on the plasma properties. A lower potassium content ( LT 10 g/l of KCl in solution) introduced into the are at lower currents ( LT 6A) causes an increase in are voltage and a. change in the are spectrum (intensity of lines), while at higher are currents ( GT 6A) it causes no change in the electrical characteristics, but a further change in the intensity of the are spectrum. Higher potassium concentrations, GT 20 g/l of KCl, increase the are voltage at higher currents ( GT 6A). There is a critical quantity of potassium in the plasma which suppresses high energy processes (ionization, excitation...) for a fixed are current, while spectral composition and lateral distribution of the residual emitted spectra become essentially changed. Amounts of potassium above critical do not cause further changes in the plasma spectral composition nor in the I-U characteristic, except in the spectral line intensities.en
dc.sourceContributions to Plasma Physicsen
dc.titleSpectral and electrical characteristics of a stabilized DC arc seeded with potassiumen
dcterms.abstractХолцлајтнерAнтуновиц, И; Стоиљковић Милован;

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