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dc.creatorTomic, P
dc.creatorDavidović, Milorad P.
dc.identifier.issn0022-3093 (print)
dc.description.abstractThe three-component amorphous alloy Fe80Si10B10 was prepared on the surface of copper roller by rapid quenching in the vicinity of the eutectic point. Changes of the obtained spin-glass metastable phase were investigated by differential scanning calorimetric analysis (DSC), as a function of the relaxation temperature, and by X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, in the crystallization phase of the metallic glass. The crystallization kinetics and the corresponding activation energies, E(a), were determined using the dynamic thermal treatment. For the study of the crystallization process, the XRD measurements were done before and after crystallization. On the basis of these data, the products of the investigated metallic glass crystallization have been determined, The Curie temperature of the ferromagnetic transition has been determined from the DSC measurements in the low temperature region. The Johnson-Melh-Avrami dynamic model for nun-isothermal conditions, and the DSC measurements were used for determination and definition of the parameter n, responsible for the mechanism of crystallization, whereas the Vogel-Fulcher model for isothermal conditions and the DSC measurements were used to determine the characteristic time of crystallization, tau(t). The obtained results for E(a), n and tau(t) are in good agreement with other authors results.en
dc.sourceJournal of Non-crystalline Solidsen
dc.titleThe study of relaxational properties and crystallization of the metallic glass Fe80Si10B10en
dcterms.abstractТомиц, П; Давидовиц, М;

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