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dc.creatorRodic, D
dc.creatorSpasojević, Vojislav
dc.creatorBajorek, A
dc.creatorOnnerud, P
dc.identifier.issn0304-8853 (print)
dc.description.abstractWe report the structural parameters and their variation with manganese concentration for the diluted magnetic semiconductors Hg1-xMnxS (x less than or equal to 0.33) and Cd1-xMnxS (x less than or equal to 0.43), as obtained by X-ray powder diffraction. Hg1-xMnxS crystallizes in the zincblende type. Cd1-xMnxS crystallizes in wurtzite cell type, and for the sample with x = 0.43, a difference was found between the fractional coordinates of Cd and Mn atoms. The lattice constants, cation-cation distances and bond lengths show linear dependences on concentration. For the same anion, the volumes of the unit cell versus the volumes of cations lie on the same straight line for both zincblende and wurtzite types. A pressure of 1.8 GPa applied to HgS and Hg0.95Mn0.05S induces a phase transition from the zincblende to cinnabar structure type. The consequences for the magnetic properties are discussed.en
dc.sourceJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materialsen
dc.titleSimilarity of structure properties of Hg1-xMnxS and Cd1-xMnxS (structure properties of HgMnS and CdMnS)en
dcterms.abstractРодиц, Д; Бајорек, A; Оннеруд, П; Спасојевић Војислав;

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